On Saturday, 16th November 1996, Southwark Cathedral, with the full
approval of its Provost and the Bishop of the Diocese, hosted a Festival
organized by the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement.

Such an action was bound to cause deep offence within the Christian
community at large, yet it was not at first obvious what the most
effective method would be of countering what many saw would result
in the dissemination of misinformation and misguided propaganda.

For several years now, the evangelical organization Reform has graciously
invited Cost of Conscience to jon in its deliberations, recognizing
that some at least of the battle which we have been fighting have
made us effectively co-belligerents.

Accordingly, I was moved to suggest at a meeting of Reform Southwark
that a National Day of Prayer and Fasting should be organised throughout
that day. In Southwark, thanks to the hospitality of its Vicar, the
occasion was held at St Mary Magdalene's Church, Bermondsey, just
down the road from the Cathedral where the LGCM Festival was taking
place. A gratifying number of people came to pray (including the Bishop
of Southwark) and similar events were held up and down the country.

I was always of the opinion that such a Day of Prayer and Fasting
was just a beginning, and that in due course it would be revealed
to us what we must do next. It was therefore no surprise that the
idea of a Teaching Day with a team of experienced speakers before
and invited audience should be received with enthusiasm by all those

The event took place on Tuesday 16th September 1997 at the Imperial
Hotel, Russell Square. Fifty people of widely different backgrounds,
interests, insights and traditions were present and during the course
of the day a great deal of information was imparted to us. 

We hope that by publishing these lectures in this form to enable others
to enjoy the benefit of being able to base their opinions on sound,
factual knowledge. 

Francis Gardom