Let’s be practical. How do you read the Bible daily?
How do you go about it?

I HAVE BEEN asked this question a number of times recently and it is probably true that the reason so few people do it is that they have never been told how to set about it. So here goes (and forgive a list this month):

1. Set aside sufficient time for your Bible reading or meditation each day. You will need not less than 30 minutes and it is most helpful if you set aside the same time each day as, if you say “I shall do it” in a vague way, you will probably not get round to it until you are tired out at night. Thousands of believers have found that the best time is the morning after washing and really becoming fully awake.

2. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. In other words centre down to give attention to God.

3. Read the passage. It is best for many people not to read more than a few verses. We are NOT engaged in an intellectual exercise but in enabling ourselves to hear the Lord speaking to us through the Word.

4. Read explanatory notes which you can obtain from your Church or Christian bookshop.

5. Think about it. For example: What did it mean then? What does it mean today? What does it mean to me today?

6. Turn it all into prayer. “Lord, speak to me through this passage”. Of course, there are some sections of the Scriptures in which it is easier to hear God speaking than in others. For me and for many people, the Psalms are particularly helpful so, if you are beginning, it might be best to start with them. Remember that what you are aiming for is not to ‘think about Him’, but to speak with Him in an “I-You” relationship.

7. “Any special messages for me today, Lord?”

8. Intercession. Keep a booklet with a list of people for whom you will pray, but revise the lists regularly. Most Christians find it useful to have a short list of people to pray for daily and also lists for use on the different days of the week. And use a prayer list for Overseas Missions.