News from America

At its recent Assembly, FiF/NA passed the following resolution:

Forward in Faith, North America has always maintained that the fracture of order in the Church caused by the ordination of women as priests and bishops requires Alternative Episcopal Oversight to provide sacramental assurance and sound teaching. We were heartened by the decision of the Lambeth Conference 1998 and the expressed willingness of ECUSA to provide such oversight.

In 2002 we nominated two men who might, as we believe, fulfill that task and humbly presented both to the Presiding Bishop and the Primates of the Communion.

No action has been taken.

Meanwhile, the election in the Diocese of New Hampshire of a bishop who, for more than one reason, cannot discharge the bishop’s role as an instrument of unity both within ECUSA and beyond has rendered the provision of such oversight imperative.

If this election is confirmed by General Convention, it will signal the total departure of ECUSA from the traditions and standards of Anglicanism and of the Universal Church.

Without immediate and decisive action by Orthodox Bishops in ECUSA and/or Primates of the Communion, Forward in Faith will be left with no choice but to secure the immediate consecration of these men to give that sound teaching, sacramental assurance, and pastoral care which is the birthright of those Anglicans who will otherwise be abandoned.

Proposed by the FIF/NA Council and Adopted by the Legislative Body on June 27, 2003.

Women Bishops and a Free Province: How

… is the title of a Teaching Day, which Fr Geoffrey Kirk (with assistance) is prepared to come and run in your part of the country. As the time of reckoning draws ever nearer, it is essential that we communicate to all our people just what women bishops in the Church of England will mean, and why Forward in Faith is so determined to ensure that adequate provision is made for the third of our Church who will in conscience be unable to accept such a change.

Fr Kirk has set aside a number of days in his diary when he will be available to visit groups of Forward in Faith members and sympathizers in order to address just these issues. His programme has but few requirements: first, it needs not less than 40 and not more than 100 participants; second, it must be open to both clergy and laity; and, last it should be planned to run for four hours, including time for group discussion, but excluding breaks for lunch etc.

And so it is over to you. Discuss the matter in your parish, your diocese and your region, so as to open the event to the sort of numbers that are needed. Choose a suitable venue, with easy access by public transport and good parking for those who travel by car. Then contact Fr Kirk direct on 020 8318 1295 in order to arrange a date and then advertise the event as soon as possible. Finally contact the Director at Gordon Square with all the details, so that they can appear on both this page (see below) and on the Forward in Faith International Website at

Women Bishops and a Free Province: Where

Fr Kirk’s study days have been arranged as follows:

Saturday, 2 August at 10.30 am – All Saints, Northampton – Details: Ken Briars 01604 648680 or David White, 01327 361596

Saturday, 6 September at 10.30 am – S. James, Oldham – Details: Fr Paul Plumpton 0161 633 4441 or 0161 624 1534

Saturday 13 September at 10.30 am – Central Methodist Church, St Saviour Gate, York – Details: Barry Taylor, 01904 679822

Saturday, 27 September at 10.00 am – Christ the King, Gordon Square, London WC1 – Details: Fr Malcolm Gray, 020 8360 2947

Saturday, 11 October at 10.00 am – Emmanuel, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield – Details: Fr Ronald Crane, 0121 373 8348

Saturday 25, October at 10.30 am – Staveley Church Community Centre, Church Street, Staveley, Chesterfield – Details: Fr William Butt, 01246 472270

Saturday 1, November at 10.00 am – S. Catherine, Burnley – Details: Fr Roger Parker, 07977 291166

Saturday, 8 November at 10.30 am – The Ascension, Crownhill, Plymouth – Details: Fr Paul Hancock, 01752 783617

Saturday, 15 November at 10.30 am – All Saints, Clifton, Bristol – Details: Mr Chris Verity, 01275 462927

Saturday, 22 November at 10.30 am – S. Mary Magdalene, Millfield, Sunderland – Details: Fr Beresford Skelton, 0191 565 6318

Saturday 6 December at 10.00 am – S. Michael, Cross Heath, Newcastle-under-Lyme – Details: Fr Neil Jamieson-Harvey, 01782 617241

Saturday, 31 January 2003 at 10.30 am Holy Trinity, Ettingshall, Wolverhampton – Details: Fr Alan Jones, 01902 884616

Saturday, 7 February at 10.00am – Yarborough School, Lincoln – Details: Fr Andy Hawes, 01778 591358