Sad news Just so you know that it has jettisoned its claim to be Catholic, the following message came from the Principal of the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield:

At a meeting of the College Council last week, it was decided that ordinands admitted to the College as first year students from September 2010 will be expected to be present at College Eucharists irrespective of the gender of the presiding priest… The change to our admissions policy has immediate effect’.

Notes on contributors

James Bradley (left) final year seminarian at St Stephens House. The Revd Julian Mann is the Vicar of Oughtibridge in the Diocese of Sheffield and author of the cranmercurate blogspot. Alan Edwards is the noted theological bookseller of Whitstable and fervent supporter of AFC Wimbledon.

Clare Rabjohns is in her third year studying Theology at Exeter University, and currently President of the Exeter University Singers. Some readers may have met her working with the Children’s and the Youth Pilgrimages at Walsingham.

Fr John Hunwicke is Priest-in-Charge of St Thomas the Martyr, Oxford, author of the liturgicalnotes blogspot, and compiler of the Or do.

The Venerable Robin Ellis (left) was formerly Archdeacon of Plymouth.

Cover photo
Anglican Patimony the statue of Richard Hooker in the grounds of Exeter Cathedral (© Stephen Marsden)