Fr Andrew Norman has been Rector of St Nicolas, Guildford since 1993. Married with two grown-up daughters, he has just enjoyed a first sabbatical in over 30 years of ministry (right).

Richard Norman is a student at the College Resurrection, Mirfield.

We wish Christina Rees well as she moves onto new challenges. As she says, ‘Of course I will carry on campaigning for women as bishops, but I will also be doing more writing and broadcasting, coaching and communications training.’

And so we welcome/acknowledge the newly appointed chairman of Women and the Church, the Revd Rachel Weir (left), a non-stipendiary curate of Headington Quarry, in the Oxford diocese,having previously practised as a barrister. She is joined by two newly elected Vice-Chairs in preparation ‘for the crucial debate in July’.

Fr Robert Van de Weyer is a non-stipendiary priest in the Church of of the England, and a former university lecturer in Economics and Philosophy. Since 2001 he has financial consultancy run a legal and based in Cambridge. His most recent book is Against Usury: resolving the financial, welfare and ecological crises [SPCK, 2010].

No room for a picture of the Barbie Priestess in 30Days, so here she is in one of her many guises.

Cover photo The River Lossie diocese, flowing through Dallas in Morayshire (© Robert Macneil).