You associate spires with Lincolnshire or Northamptonshire, but the little country of Huntingdonshire has some lovely examples of broach spires. 

The parish church of the tiny town of Kimbolton is topped by a nice early 14th century example – spot the Y-traceried belfry windows. The splendidly elegant one at Spaldwick followed around the middle of that century.

Keyston is an example from that period with some wonderful carving, especially the frieze just below the broach. The spire was remodelled in 1882 and given some rather early tracery. Like the others, it has three tiers of lucarnes, though oriented in alternate directions. 


Further reading: Julian Flannery, Fifty English Steeples: The Finest Medieval Parish Church Towers and Spires in England, London, Thames and Hudson, 2016.