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Hymns of praise then let us sing ‘EASTERS I HAVE KNOWN' would fill a book; I hope they would for you. Childhood or youthful discoveries of great words and music; early Communion at Maidenhead before the Aldermaston March resumed its [...]

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No Fragrant Harbour

Geoffrey Kirk says that Hong Kong has a lot to answer for. To-day’s church members are tomorrow’s ecumenical partners. That is the sombre message of Anglican experience. Anglicans just don’t seem to be able to get it right. The vaunted [...]

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The Catechetical Books In the Primitive Church the Ministry of the Word was the Liturgy of the Catechumens in which faith and life is imparted to new members as an essential part of church life. The need to impart such [...]

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Archbishop Rowan

Martyn Jarrett greets the new Primate of All England Three days before his enthronement Archbishop Rowan gave a short but perceptive address to the General Synod of the Church of England. He was greeted with rapturous applause. I am told [...]

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There will be a time and a place to reflect on the wisdom of the war in Iraq. Few may doubt the seemingly inevitable military result, so great is the technological superiority of the alliance. But victory, when it comes, [...]

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