/April 2004 Articles

Truth and the Movies

Alban Xavier, our man in Vancouver, reviews The Passion We asked a student taking a gap year in Canada to go to Mel Gibson’s The Passion in downtown Vancouver and tell it to the readers of New Directions as it [...]

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The Passion of the Christ

126 minutes of intense and bloody suffering The qualifications are important, but this controversial film is worth seeing. It is a big film: the colour is intense, the movement bewildering, the drama overwhelming, even the music is all-encompassingly loud. I [...]

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Peter Toon asks if it is description of what is or a goal to be attained? One taken-for-granted assumption in the recent Report to the General Synod under the title, Mission-Shaped Church (2004), is that diversity is a good thing [...]

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The Truth in Love

The Archbishop of York speaking at St Batholemew’s Armley, March 3, 2004 ‘Speaking the truth in love, we must grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ’ (Eph: 4.15) It is that great expert in [...]

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Gender Benders

Robbie Low on a strange Parliamentary development The scene is a delightful country church on a Saturday afternoon in late spring. The guests are assembled, the dapper groom is at the altar rail. The bride, a large and heavily made-up [...]

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This month’s issue of New Directions comes out in time for Easter, print runs and Post Office permitting. A few days before Holy Week Britain will see the opening of the film that has already smashed box office records on [...]

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