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Lost Victorian monk

Alan Edwards reflects on the life and eccentricities ofFr Ignatius, fervent orator and evangelist for Jesus and con troversial and ill-disciplined pioneer monk To see him in or out of church you'd say, "There's a Papist of papists." Listening to [...]

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Permitted things

Francis Gardom takes leave of the good/bad folk of St Grizelda's Finally, let's go into St Grizelda's Sacristy and meet Mr Horder, the Verger. He's been a lifelong friend of the treasurer, Mr Poundstock, and in some ways resembles him. [...]

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Fighting for honour

Paul Griffin seeks to restore the politically incorrect concepts of honour and respectability to their proper place in society Does our age not resemble that of the decadent Roman Empire? Their drama was sexy and violent: we have James Bond. [...]

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The Guardians Project

David Waller describes the initial stages of the Guardians Project which seeks to inform churchwardens and other key members of the laity about the practicalities of dealing with an interregnum A few years ago, I was involved in a serious [...]

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Call to a priesthood

Sarah Mowbray recounts her journey from ordination as a woman priest through her experience of the tradition to a rediscovery of the priesthood of all believers On the subject of the ordination of women to the priesthood I think I [...]

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Heeding the call

John Stather makes a simple plea that members of the Church heed the call of God and consider the possibility of a vocation including for men a vocation to the ministerial priesthood St Therese, as she entered the convent in [...]

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It was one of the oddities of publishing that Pears Cyclopedia was prepared to go into print for nearly a decade confidently predicting the arrival of women bishops in the Church of England in 2008. Even as late as 2005, [...]

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