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A priest for ever

John Hunwicke replies to Bishop Colin Buchanan insisting upon the Catholic understanding of the priesthood as a matter of both-and not either-or One of the advantages of Colin Buchanan's incisive and entertaining piece - the maestro has clearly lost none [...]

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Partly damned

Macaulay knew of no more ridiculous sight than the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality. Had he the good fortune to be alive this April Fool's tide he could have extended his vision by contemplating the [...]

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Joy in persecution

Ed Tomlinson on why we can draw strength from the example of those who have gone before us and from the certainty that God will never abandon those who remain faithful Eating cold ice cream with hot chocolate sauce is [...]

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Living liturgically

Stephen March describes his experience of how the liturgical year provides a framework for spiritual growth, and reflects in particular on the liturgies of Good Friday and Easter Although I was intellectually prepared for the experience of living liturgically, having [...]

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Rien ne va plus

February's New Directions gave us the headline 'Nothing happening' in preparation for the upcoming General Synod meeting. Now that it has passed back into obscurity, may I consider the notion of'nothing'? In Germany, Erich Maria Remarque observed the horrors of [...]

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Darwinism considered

Hugh Baker on the moral implications of survival of the fittest' and the use of Darwinism as the standard for defining Man's nature On the Lower Devonian shelves of my study, they sit; old copies of New Directions, waiting for [...]

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Toppling the stool

Mark Stevens describes the three-legged foundation of the Church of England's historic stability and explains why this equilibrium is now so decisively threatened What is really happening to the Church of England? It could be argued that the various embattled [...]

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Never a code!

David Nichol is worried that the Bishops and Synod are placing far too much hope in a Code of Practice and do not understood how opposed many of us are The 25th anniversary of the miners' strike has been a [...]

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This paper confidently predicted that nothing of real significance would transpire at the February Synod. We were wrong. The Bishop of Manchester, speaking of the draft legislation for the consecration of women as bishops achieved a notable first. For the [...]

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