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Stephen Gallagher is Youth Missioner at the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The Cover image shows the restored Shrine of Saint David for more information about the Shrine readers are encouraged to look at the St Davids Cathedral website [...]

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letters to the editor

He did say it From Mr Richard King There is no ‘supposedly’ about it [Ian McCormack, ND March 2012, p. 28]. Dr Geoffrey Fisher made his remarks about the doctrine of the Church of England in a speech delivered in [...]

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In a recent broadcast of Thought for the Day, Canon Angela Tilby offered a robust defence of the Christian ideals of marriage. She argues: ‘The point about sacraments is that they can’t be made up. They work because they are [...]

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30 days

Under Starter’s Orders The news that Dr Rowan Williams has decided to go and get a life before it’s too late naturally threw most commentators into a flat spin, but here at 30DAYs we just got down to the serious [...]

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touching place

Holy Rood, Daglingworth, Glos. At your first view of Daglingworth church, you see a small nave and chancel to which the 15th c. added a tower, and the 19th c. an N aisle and vestry. If you follow the old [...]

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A critical view Tom Sutcliffe argues that Covent Garden’s new Rusalka did not deserve the audience’s chorus of disapproval Boos at Covent Garden were in the news again. Dvorák’s ill-fated water-nymph Rusalka in the Royal Opera’s new production – a [...]

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Book of the month

An excellent introduction to the Gospels also reveals the limitations of the ‘scientific’ scholarship of the twentieth century, says Peter Anthony PARALLEL LIVES OF JESUS Four Gospels, One Story Edward Adams SPCK, 208pp, pbk 978 0281063772, £12.99 / £14.99 after [...]

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the way we live now

Christopher Smith considers the joy of stats Fr Geoffrey Kirk took the title of this column from a book by Anthony Trollope, in which he satirized the dishonesty that he believed to be rampant in public life, a dishonesty so [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Easter people Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House St Augustine’s saying ‘we are an Easter People and our song is Alleluia!’ is often quoted and has achieved the status of a motto on prayer cards and the [...]

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The mastery of time Evelyn Underhill Have you ever noticed that Jesus is never recorded as taking a holiday? He retired for the purposes of his mission, not from it. He was never destroyed by his work; he was always [...]

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