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Eastertide Diary

A bridge too far? Life can be a series of ironies. My contribution to the genre is that penury has constrained me to live in London – the most expensive city in the country, if not the world – and [...]

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Brailes was no end of a town in the Middle Ages, the third largest in Warwickshire, so they built a great church here; that town is now no more than a village, but the church remains, dominated by its tall [...]

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This Higher Life

R. M. Benson on the Resurrection of the Lord The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is a truth of the utmost importance for us to dwell upon. It is not merely one of a great series of truths which [...]

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Space and Time

The Bishop of Fulham’s homily on Edward King Day at St Stephen’s House The object of theological colleges is to secure ministerial efficiency. I chose these words as my text not only because I knew that they would appeal to [...]

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Under the Mercy

Paschal Worton on an undeserved gift of God Denis was not the easiest friar to look after. Bedridden with arthritis, this previously dynamic priest used to shout for me at all times of the day or night with his still-powerful [...]

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The Columba Declaration

David Mumford on problems of jurisdiction and doctrine The Columba Declaration, a joint agreement between the Church of England and the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, was approved by the General Synod in February by 243 votes to 50 with 49 [...]

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