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Driving up the A1065 from Swaffham to Fakenham, en route to Walsingham, you notice a signpost to Wellingham, just ½ mile away, John Timpson’s home for many years. On the eve of the Reformation, the hamlet of Wellingham enriched their [...]

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Europe and Japan

Alan Smith questions the decision not to mark the anniversary of VJ Day   The British government is proposing to have a bank holiday on the 75th anniversary of VE Day in 2020. On 21 February, The Daily Telegraph reported: [...]

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He Created Them

Ian McCormack exhorts us to be proud of the Old Testament   It’s probably not a controversial statement to say that the church—nationally and to an extent internationally—is going through a crisis of confidence at the moment. There are all [...]

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A Quiet Renaissance

John Herve comments on the renewed scholarly interest in Thomas Aquinas   Well would you believe it? Having been neglected by serious thinkers outside Catholicism for centuries, philosophers are now paying more and more attention to Thomas Aquinas (1225–1274). This [...]

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Renewal and Reform

William Nye continues his discussion of how we might play our part in mission   What resources do Society parishes have for this task? I would just make two practical points. First, the great gift that most Society parishes have [...]

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The Solemn Exultet

John Gayford prepares for Easter   The Solemn Exultet is a triumphant hymn and a wonderful prelude to the Easter solemnities. It proclaims the resurrection of Christ. There is a dramatic invitation for heaven and earth to join the Church [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Means of Grace     Andy Hawes   The memory is a great aid in our spiritual life. When we commit prayers and scripture to memory we say ‘I know it by heart’; memory is a door to the heart. [...]

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‘We have buried our saint’

Nigel Palmer venerates Edward King, Bishop of Lincoln (1829–1910)   On Tuesday, 21 May 1935 two great ceremonies were held in Lincoln Cathedral, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the consecration [...]

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Walking Together on the Way

Julian Browning stumbles along with ARCIC III   You’re never alone with an ARCIC. However choppy the Tiber, however depressed your clerical team, however isolated your parish, there’s always an ARCIC (Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission) coming along to take you [...]

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