/April 2020 Articles

Tears and joy in Zimbabwe

Nicolas Stebbing CR writes about the situation in Zimbabwe I am often asked what my most moving experience was in each of my trips to Zimbabwe. This time it was at St Francis, Shurugwi one morning last month. The Sisters [...]

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Edward Bouverie Pusey

Nigel Palmer takes a look at this Oxford Movement Father I think it’s fair to say that of the three great figures of the Oxford Movement about whom you are hearing today, Edward Bouverie Pusey, born in 1800, died in [...]

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Architecture Special

Where three Popes lie One memorable moment of a visit to Provence is to ascend from the depths of a car park in Avignon, reach the surface, and turn, only to be confronted by the Palais des Papes. Impact immédiat [...]

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Architecture Special

Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Salle, Norfolk Salle (pronounced ‘Saul’) is a parish remote from the centres of population in deepest Norfolk. It was never a very populous area and today the church stands on its own, just across the [...]

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Architecture Special

Simon Cotton introduces three of his favourite buildings to help us reflect on our faith La Cathedrale Sainte Marie,  Saint Bertrand de Comminges, France Buildings are not just wood and stone. We interact with them. Let me tell you about [...]

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