/August 1998 Articles

Canterbury Tales

by Robbie Low BY THE TIME you read this the Lambeth Conference 1998 will be over. The Australian church will have led the final worship and the bishops of the Anglican world will have taken their trains and boats and [...]

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August 1998: Thirty Days

BRECHIN WIND V The Bishop of Brechin, Neville Chamberlain, (see Thirty Days passim) is now in danger of terminal self-parody. The diocese (weekly communicants 943), which has achieved international repute through these columns by claiming to be a flagship for [...]

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Mary Tanner reflects on living with difference from Lambeth 1988 to Lambeth 1998 My brief is to reflect upon the experience of the Anglican Communion in living with difference over the matter of women’s ordination in the decade since the [...]

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Simon Wakeley finds a haven of 'stability' in a hectic world of change THIS PHRASE meaning "To the Lord God, supreme ruler of the world", is the motto of the Benedictine Order. Most of us will know this phrase by [...]

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Contributing to the next Disaster

David Casley POVERTY, in both relative and absolute terms, was greater before the least developed countries borrowed heavily. World Bank loans to the poorer countries were made under the aegis of the International Development Association ("IDA") which essentially were interest-free [...]

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Anne Bell assesses the moral, social and personal consequences of the current cult of abortion IF WE WANT a full understanding of motherhood, we must have the courage to trace it to its source. Most people rejoice when they see [...]

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An Anonymous Report on the recent General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada NO ONE CAN doubt that the Anglican Church of Canada sails on her accustomed course. The General Synod just concluded has confirmed it, as it has [...]

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Rodney Schofield re-asserts the requirements of Canon A1 IT IS RIGHT that alleged instances of bullying and harassment experienced by the clergy' should be reported and investigated further, as the Venerable Gordon Kurht has promised to do. Ours should be [...]

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