/August 1999 Articles


Robbie Low wishes the Book of Common Prayer many, many happy returns THE SURVIVAL AND, INDEED, revival of the Book of Common Prayer is due, in no small part, to the tireless and enthusiastic work of the Prayer Book Society. [...]

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Millennium Experience

HOLIDAY TIME! Tom, Joe and I are off to the Med. for a little archaeology and some serious fun. 'In the Steps of Priscilla'! It's a marvellous package arranged for us by Wimintravel, a wonderful little co-operative based in Wimbledon. [...]

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Update Reform

Apt to Teach EVER SINCE THE CHURCH of England's PR machine made the Church a laughing stock by demanding that the BBC apologise for Anne Atkins' 'Thought for the Day', when she'd laid into the LGCM "celebration" at Southwark Cathedral, [...]

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The Novena for Christ our Future From Ascension Day next year until Pentecost, churches, religious communities, all the Catholic Societies and individuals from all over our land will be linked in prayer in preparation for the Christ our Future Celebration [...]

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Rodney Schofield muses on reception, women bishops and what the future holds IN THE RECENT ROUND of consultations about the possibilities of a Free Province there was much talk of the inevitability of women bishops. Such language is only to [...]

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The Church at Rest

Paul Griffin ponders a singular loss of nerve THE GREAT CHURCH victorious, we are told in the hymn, shall be the Church at rest. A look at our British society suggests that victory is being celebrated a little too early; [...]

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Letter from Wales

Behind the Celtic Fringe A FEW YEARS ago someone commented to me that any book would be published (and would sell) if it had the word Celtic in its title. The Anglo-Saxon world had become fascinated by what it took [...]

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