/August 1999 Articles

Letter from Australia

Happy and Glorious AUSTRALIANS ARE becoming more self-centered, materialistic and disengaged from the national agenda, with a surge of optimism coexisting with fear that society is threatened with serious breakdown. Well, that's the bleak conclusion of the annual snapshot of [...]

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Letter from America

Continuing Education IN THE “PHOTOS” SECTION of Douglas Gresham’s Lenten Lands is a picture of the author’s famous stepfather in brother “Warnie’s” study, deep in an armchair, wearing a smoking jacket, lost in some great tome or other, with a [...]

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Ut Unum sint

David Houlding preaches at Glastonbury FROM THE OPENING of the Rule of S. Benedict, 'Listen carefully, my son, to the Master's instructions and attend to them with the ear of your heart.' Coupled with the words of Jesus from his [...]

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30 Days

Just Fancy That The front page of The Church of England Newspaper majored on a recent article by the Bishop of St. Alban's, Christopher Herbert. Apparently he was attacking the “unbelievably inaccurate”? journalism of national papers enquiring into the mystery [...]

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The Bishop of Birkenhead is to become the next Bishop of Exeter in succession to the Rt Revd Hewlett Thompson who, after a tenure lasting fourteen years, vacates the See on attaining his seventieth year on August 14. Michael Langrish [...]

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