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News from America At its recent Assembly, FiF/NA passed the following resolution: Forward in Faith, North America has always maintained that the fracture of order in the Church caused by the ordination of women as priests and bishops requires Alternative [...]

Of Shrews and Men

George Austin on a recent production of ‘Taming of the Shrew’ The first time that I saw Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew was in October 1947, on a school visit to the Manchester Opera House. It was by the Old [...]

Letter from Malawi

How different it all looks five thousand miles away Every day of the week BBC World Service broadcasts ‘Focus on Africa’, a bulletin of news about African affairs, or issues relevant to this continent. At the height of the debate [...]


Summer reading, some more liturgy and a teaching booklet Transformations of Love The friendship of John Evelyn and Margaret Godolphin Francis Harris OUP, 330pp, hbk 0 19 92357 2, £25 Samuel Pepys is the diarist of preference for the modern [...]


What do growing churches look like? It is hard for Americans to realize the impact their country has on people from other places. We are so accustomed to the exported, secularized, Hollywood view of life that the degree to which [...]

Letter from America

‘Tis the time’s plague when madmen lead the blind One of the more poignant scenes in Shakespeare’s tragedy King Lear is the gouging out of the eyes of the faithful but befuddled Gloucester in Act III. This mutilation cannot but [...]

Synod Insider

Summer time in the north The relaxed informal atmosphere of York in a heat-wave seems to put everyone in a good mood. With the tense atmosphere of Reading defused, we could settle down to four days of debates, interspersed with [...]

An Encyclical Letter

from the Bishop of New Wiltshire To be read in every parish on the 8th Sunday after Trinity 2013 Dearly Beloved in the Lord, Grace, peace, joy, glory, serenity, happiness, comfort and enablement in the Spirit, by me and through [...]

Untimely Thoughts

‘How old is that?’ The television has recently been reminding us how long ago things were. Hundreds of millions of years of Walking with Dinosaurs followed by tens of millions of years of Walking with Beasts; latterly Lord Winston has [...]

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