/August 2004 Articles

Familiar frailties

John Richardson on some urgent lessons from the Evangelical past Shortly after the end of the First World War there took place in Cambridge a meeting that was to shape global Christianity for the next century. It was also a [...]

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Quo Vadis?

Michael Heidt on the future of American orthodoxy Some 200 traditional Anglicans descended upon St Vincent’s Cathedral in the Diocese of Fort Worth to attend ‘Forward in Orthodoxy, Unity, and Mission’, the sixteenth Annual Assembly of Forward in Faith North [...]

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Getting it Straight

Geoffrey Kirk tries to summarize some recent events in the Church of England Now let me see if I have got this straight. The Dean of St Alban’s has not, for some considerable time, had sexual relations with his male [...]

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Some months ago the Editor of the Daily Mirror published photographs purporting to show British soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. To anyone with the slightest experience of journalism, action photography or military procedure they were immediately and obviously suspicious. Investigation revealed [...]

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