/August 2007 Articles

Re-organize now

Declining numbers of church attenders pose an ongoing problem for the Church of England. Scott Anderson calls for a dramatic diocesan re-organization in order to address this issue London diocese has a number of large evangelical churches. These congregations usually [...]

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War and secession

John Shepley considers nineteenth century precedent for the current divisions within The Episcopal Church but suggests a different outcome to its civil war If Locke was the intellectual progenitor of the American Revolution of 1776, then John Stuart Mill was [...]

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Donner und blitzen

George Austin attended last month's session of General Synod in York and listened to the debates on the future reductions in clergy pensions the Anglican Covenant and the Pilling Report on senior appointments It is more than twenty years ago [...]

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Some of the finest coal-mines, mills and factories in this country, that had been the economic powerhouses of the nineteenth century and survived through most of the twentieth, became museums not ten years after they finally ceased production near the [...]

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