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Ghostly Counsel

Media addiction Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House As a student in the early Seventies I used to work in a newsagent. It amazed me to see the clockwork regularity with which customers turned up to buy [...]


Treasure in the backyard Arthur Middleton `The gift which we have received from Jesus Christ in holy Baptism is not destroyed, but is only buried as a treasure in the ground. And both common sense and gratitude demand that we [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton draws our attention to four spiritual classics and the benefits of reading them Sources of nourishment that can assist us towards maturity in the Christian life are called the spiritual classics because they have stood the passage of [...]

Catholic blogging

Simon Cotton on the best Catholic blogs, written by clergy, laymen and laywomen, on both sides of the Atlantic Just as there are still some formidable blogs in the Anglo-Catholic/Ordinariate ranks, so the best Catholic blogs are powerful advocates of [...]

This is my Body

Archbishop Vincent Nichols on the different ways in which we may receive Holy Communion and their symbolic and spiritual meanings My Dear Brother and Sisters, Two weeks ago we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi when we remind ourselves of [...]

views, reviews and previews

DUTCH LANDSCAPES The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace 15 April–9 October 2011 Admission £9, concessions available THIS IS a small exhibition of 42 pictures and drawings from the Queen’s collection. They are landscapes and seascapes from the Dutch ‘Golden Age’ and [...]

letters to the editor

Terminology of confusion From Mr Arthur Smithson The Revd Jonathan Redvers Harris writes of the difficulty in terminology in referring to the different branches of the Western Church. I am not entirely sure that I see a way around the [...]

Relics Of The Saints

Saints had a close relationship with Jesus Christ throughout their lives, and that link grew closer after their welcome amongst the Holy Company of Heaven. So it is natural that Christians have wanted to associate themselves with the bodily remains [...]

The Sacred Synods

Anthony Saville continues his consideration of where we went wrong during the earlier years of the traditionalist enterprise We rightly object to the General Synod’s pseudo-parliamentary structures. It was always absurd to suppose that a system for full-time, paid professionals [...]

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