/August 2011 Articles

The true formula

Simon Ellis on the Malines Conversations between Roman Catholics and Anglicans in the 1920s and their significance for the Ordinariate Despite all the upheavals all of us have experienced over the past few months I am sure that many of [...]

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A message from the Archbishop of Canterbury on the occasion of the consecration of the Bishops of Ebbsfleet and Richborough Today has been a very happy day indeed. We have welcomed Bishop Norman and Bishop Jonathan as colleagues amongst the [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle on the richness and beauty of some of the seventeenth-century writings set to music by Gerald Finzi Somehow I have always associated the choral music of Gerald Finzi (1901–56) with the summer. Whether this has to do with [...]

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Midsomer Manoeuvres

Barnaby sighed. ‘Must admit, Lewis, that I’m baffled. Thought I knew all about Midsomer from watching the screenings of the cases which my cousin, the first Inspector Barnaby, tackled. But things aren’t going according to script now.’ Lewis nodded. ‘Well, [...]

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Ordination Round-up

Once again our constituency has been blessed with a number of ordinations both to the priesthood and the diaconate. In many dioceses our candidates have been amongst the youngest to be ordained. We are sure that readers of New Directions [...]

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You are called Philip North explains why accepting the call to priesthood is the greatest risk of all – but God never abandons those whom he calls We have a new archdeacon in my parish in London. And sad to [...]

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