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In terra aliena

Rodney Marshall explains how Anglican Catholics can find a way to remain within the CofE with integrity and honesty after the November Synod Whatever happens at the recalled Synod in November the Church of England will be something very different [...]

Topical tips

Like to be topical so, preparing this article, wondered if anyone would write about last month’s General Synod in this issue. August being the season for silly stories it might be mentioned, so thought I’d better steer clear of that [...]

Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle considers Anglican views on Confession ‘Confession is not only for the weak, the failing, the sin-stained, but for the soul as it advances in grace. It has been likened to medicine, a remedy for sickness; but it is [...]

Better Together

Members of the Catholic Group in General Synod explain why they are backing Better Together Dr Lindsay Newcombe The women bishops legislation was the main topic of discussion at the July General Synod but Better Together also had a positive [...]


Better Together introduction The Bishop of Ebbsfleet on the origins and goals of the Better Together campaign, and the four core principles that lie at its heart ‘May they be one that the world might believe.’ For us as Anglo-Catholics, [...]

All 4 Jesus:

Glastonbury Pilgrimage, 1924–2012 Chris Verity brings right up to date the history of the Pilgrimage planned once again this year for 16 June, labelled as a great Anglo-Catholic jamboree celebrating all that our constituency has to offer the wider Church [...]


The Call for Diversity Members of the General Synod call on the House of Bishops to offer full and proper provision for our constituency REBECCA SWYER on letting all Anglicans flourish This debate isn’t about what particular individuals or groups [...]

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