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Christian Schools: Desirable or Detestable? Arthur Jones enters an area of increasing controversy EDUCATION FOR LIFE in the world means education with and by the world.1 Unquestionably, if at all possible, the Christian school is the place for Christian parents [...]

30 DAYS for DECEMBER 1997

WEE FREES Enthusiastic evangelical parents and grandparents can now purchase the ultimate Christmas gift for untrained and uncooperative children - "The Praise Potty". Designed by a home counties granny called Iris, who noticed how well her grandson responded to encouragement, [...]


Garry Bennett and the Crockford's Affair JOHN CROCKFORD, the obscure nineteenth-century publisher after whom Crockford's Clerical Directory is named, would have been surprised to learn that his name became most widely known in the tragic and bleak circumstances of Dr [...]

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