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Why They Quit – Part One

Francis Gardom on Tweenage Apostasy It was Dr Peter Brierley of Christian Research organized and wrote up the now-famous Survey for Cost of Conscience entitled The Mind of Anglicans. In November 2002 he published a book, Reaching and Keeping Tweenagers [...]


The Dignity of the Episcopal Order Pre-Nicene bishops derive their jurisdiction from their priesthood that was wholly confined to a spiritual jurisdiction and as such the authority of the bishop was highly esteemed. Episcopal authority was never greater than when [...]

An Anatomy of Error XII

IN January last this Anatomy began with an important question about the authority of scripture. We asked if there was any conceivable or imaginable scriptural evidence which might, at any stage, have changed the minds of proponents. Our sad conclusion [...]

To the Gentiles

Patrick Henry Reardon on a pattern in St Matthew Two mountain scenes in Matthew's gospel are studied best, I believe, when studied together: the mountain where Jesus is tempted (4.8) and that on which he commissions the Apostles (28.16). First, [...]


Anne Gardom looks both sides of the green baize door How did they live? What did they do? What did they really look like? There are two excellent exhibitions on at the moment which illuminate the domestic past, and answer [...]

Anglican Devotion

In the Family A bishop’s concern In his biography, Robert Nelson recorded that before he died, Bishop George Bull (1634–1710) thought he might send his clergy a circular letter, to recommend to them some methods for promoting virtue and piety [...]

Frank and Grace

Though the term did not subsequently appear in the formal record of proceedings, numbers of friends concurred with me that the Archbishop of Canterbury (then George Carey) had thanked me, on the occasion of my maiden speech in the General [...]


A Sermon Lancelot Andrewes wrote in a sermon for Christmas: Christ in the Sacrament is not altogether unlike Christ in the crib. To the crib we may well liken the husk or outward symbols of the Blessed Sacrament. Outwardly it [...]

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