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Forward in Faith update

The College of Deans Anglia (Chelmsford & St Edmundsbury and Ipswich) Fr Alan Cross SSC, S. Barnabas Vicarage, 127 Snakes Lane East, Woodford Green, Essex IG8 7HX - 020 8504 4687 Chichester (Chichester & Europe) Fr Beau Brandie SSC, S. [...]

30 days

Diocese of Paranoia A 30Days reader from the former colonies writes to bewail his difficulty in planning his holidays. Like all good 30Days folk, he naturally wished to plan his tour of England’s South Coast around the worship of Almighty [...]

Prophets divided

Andrew Starkie, suggests that as we begin to think through the implications of a structural solution we should not forget the mind-set of those who oppose any such solution, for they come in different guises The divisions amongst those in [...]

Good Beer Guide

Carp, hops, Reformation and beer / Came to England in a year.’ The rhyme has many versions but all celebrate the arrival of hops to transform old style ale to beer and, by mentioning the Reformation, put the change in [...]

Traditional morality

Any new province must have a vocation to holiness. Jane Gore-Booth hopes that it will practise a traditional sexual morality in keeping with its adherence to a traditional understanding of Holy Orders We hope and pray that the new General [...]

Cur Deus vir?

The Maleness of the incarnation of Christ may be a great mystery but not an irrelevance. Geoffrey Kirk appeals to anthropology and the Frathers to argue that the contemporary minimalism is utterly wrong Why was God incarnate as a male? [...]

the holy crib

Arthur Middleton on the divine in the human, the modern trivialisation of the holy and the real purpose of a Christmas crib Relatively recently, Muriel Porter, an Australian Anglican, wrote about friends who took their son to see the Christmas [...]

The management rule

There are many in the modern church keen on modern management techniques. They might be interested to learn that management consultants are nos studying the Rule of St Benedict. Margaret Laird commends their wisdom The election of the new Pope [...]

Cultural sin?

‘In all sorts of ways the Church over the centuries has lent itself to the error, indeed the sin of trying to make cultural captives, whether it is the mass export of Hymns Ancient and Modern to the remote parts [...]

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