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Ghostly Counsel

Demon drink Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House The season of ‘good cheer’ is upon us. Unfortunately the ‘Christmas Spirit’ is for most people forty percent proof and not related to the Holy Spirit! Dear reader, do [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on St Vincent of Lérins and development Vincent in his Commonitorium [23, 28 and 2–3] states that there must be development of religion in the Church, but ‘it must truly be development of the faith, not alteration of [...]

Good Beer Guide 2

Alan Edwards offers a second collection of traditional hostelries around the country After another year in which events in Ecclesia Anglicana will have driven even members of the Band of Hope to drink, a second annual list of pubs in [...]

Timely reminders

Sister Mary Michael CHC has been re-reading Michael Ramsey and finds wise words for our contemporary circumstances Classical Anglicanism is an endangered species. Revival will come not so much by our striving officiously to keep it alive, but by a [...]

Provincial planning

Christopher Smith explains the resolution that emerged from the recent Sacred Synod As the Legislative drafting group begins its work, this Synod affirms that nothing less than a structural provision (such as the alternative province outlined in ‘Consecrated Women?’) will [...]

Meaning of mystery

Francis Gardom looks at the Christian meaning of the word ‘mystery’ and explains why it is dangerous to ignore this element of our faith Like the word imagination which we considered in October, mystery has been hijacked in popular speech [...]

Fantasy figures

Mark Stevens takes a look at the so-called biblical proofs for women apostles and wonders how to respond to them without dignifying them with a value they do not possess As proponents of the ordination of women as priests and [...]

Our daily bread

Hugh Bates explains why the familiar understanding of one of the phrases from the Lord’s Prayer may not convey its full significance It is sometimes suggested that the Lord’s Prayer falls into two parts. It begins with God, his holiness, [...]

Deliberately male?

One of the lost generation of Catholic Anglican theologians? Jonathan Baker looks again at the word and achievement of E.L. Mascall, and the particularity of the incarnation Eric Lionel Mascall, priest, wit, philosopher and theologian died in 1993. In his [...]

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