/December 2008 Articles

Ghostly Counsel

Golden silence Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House If 'silence is golden', then Christmas must be the golden time. It is the only time of the year when the road through our village is quiet. It is [...]

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Good Beer Guide

Alan Edwards gives us a farewell selection of pubs for the year ahead Although beer sales have fallen over the last year, real ale has suffered less than 'fizz', and sales of some cask ale brews have actually increased. A [...]

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Mission maintenance

Martin Lewes argues that categorising church and clergy activity as maintenance or mission is unrealistic for most parishes Recently the Bishop Elect of Truro was quoted as saying 'there are two types of clergy, maintenance-minded who try to keep the [...]

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Empty promises

Harry Entwistle offers an Australian perspective The consistent mantra which resonated throughout the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster UK during the recent English Forward in Faith Assembly was, 'A code of Practice will not do.' This Code, or Protocols as the Australians [...]

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Supporting marriage

Anthony Savlle considers the room for manoeuvre for a political party wan ting to offer support for marriage There is something about Tory ex-leaders. William Hague has grown into a wonderfully trenchant speaker and commentator, and Iain Duncan Smiths work [...]

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Frightened to swim

Maureen Laverock shares her own unhappy experience Bernard Elsdon's article 'Last Times .Warning' [September] struck a chord with me, as his experiences were similar to those I encountered, leaving aside the fact that he was an Anglican priest and I [...]

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A giant of orthodoxy

David Pickering celebrates the centenary of Orthodoxy G.K. Chesterton's masterpiece of Christian apologetics full of startling insights, paradoxes and memorable images G.K. Chesterton's masterpiece, Orthodoxy, was published a hundred years ago, in 1908. The book is the story of his [...]

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Living with lions

We have been feeling weak lately. A minority in a Church that would vote us out any time, we reflect desperately that God's strength is in weakness. This is another of the paradoxes we use, as we tell people that [...]

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The Watch circular

Perhaps aware they have lost the theological argument our principal opponents now return to political pressure as in this circular sent a month ago to all their members Dear Watch Member, It is my opinion that we face a threat [...]

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