/December 2008 Articles

Wisdom of the ages

Margaret Laird makes a careful case for greater appreciation of and adherence to the irenic principles set out in the 7 662 Book of Common Prayer and in particular its measured Preface Since the Reformation, there is no book except [...]

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Reception and a Code

Jonathan Redvers Harris looks at the continuing importance of the doctrine of reception, and why it rules out a Code of Practice When the General Synod decided to open the priesthood to women, we heard a great deal about 'reception. [...]

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Misogyny rules

John Turnbull on one of the dangers of a Code not for Forward in Faith but for its proponents Last July, many in the General Synod voted for a statutory Code of Practice in the (mistaken) belief that this would [...]

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Simpler than supposed

William Davage considers the three dioceses option and argues that it looks rather different from the preconceptions of anxious bishops and much less complicated than many have imagined But nothing has changed. Everything is just the same. Or so it [...]

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Seasonal metaphors can so easily become strained, tired and lacklustre. Yet we can - we must - say that it is wintertime for traditional Catholics and orthodox Evangelicals in the Church of England. So it is all the more imperative [...]

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