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Looking for a new home?

Bishop Roald Flemestad encourages us to consider the Union of Scranton as a possible solution if opponents of the women bishops legislation are not given proper provision What do you do when the ground slips under your feet and your [...]

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The Right Rite

A Priest from the Northern Province reflects on the Bishop of London’s Ad Clerum Some readers of New Directions may be feeling a little disappointed – if not infuriated – to read the Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on the Eucharistic Life [...]

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views, reviews and previews

POSTMODERNISM Style and Subversion 1970–90 Victoria and Albert Museum 24 September 2011-15 January 2012 Admission £11, concessions available WHEN IT comes to vacuum cleaners, would you rather have a Henry or a Dyson? How you answer that will be a [...]

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Do you have a WWJD side?

Among the various side-effects and consequences arising from the ‘anti-capitalist protest’ outside St Paul’s Cathedral, two unexpected ones struck me with particular force. The first – in the early days – was the apparent redefinition of ‘senior cleric’, as in [...]

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Travellers’ Tales

Neal Wood considers a stop in the Loire: Candes-Saint-Martin Reading about St Martin of Tours in last month’s ND reminded me of a vacation last year in Candes-SaintMartin on the banks of the Loire. This picturesque village, with its tightly [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle reminds us of the impact of encounters with the Lord and the need for careful devotional preparation ‘Beloved in Christ, be it this Christmas Eve our care and delight to prepare ourselves to hear again the message of [...]

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A Statement from the Catholic Group in Synod A quarter of Church of England Dioceses vote for proper provision for traditionalists While Dioceses showed overall support for women bishops, a quarter of Dioceses voted for proper provision to be made [...]

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