/December 2012 Articles

Ghostly Counsel

The Family at Christmas Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Every sense is brought into play at Christmas, as indeed is every emotion. It is a time of profound spiritual richness. It is also a very busy [...]

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Of cordiality

The Archdeacon of Hampstead considers cordiality between Churchmen, and especially between Societies of Churchmen separated today by Differences of Spirit and Method The title is couched in the language of a century ago and the problem it faces is the [...]

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Just an old book

Simon Cotton traces the history of a rare book and the life of its eighteenth-century owner It was just an old book I spotted on a bookseller’s list. What caught my eye was the fact that it contained a bookplate [...]

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The Wenhaston Doom

In his will of 1489, John Townsende left 12d to the ‘new candlebeam’ of Wenhaston church, meaning the rood screen. A few years later the screen was complete, topped by rood and loft, with a painted tympanic filling behind the [...]

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Hope in Zimbabwe

Nicolas Stebbing reports on his recent visit to Zimbabwe Harare looks a bit better than it did; some new buildings are going up, some roads repaired; there is a bit more money around. There is plenty in the shops but [...]

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