/December 2012 Articles

Quelle surprise

John Herve re-assesses Descartes Most of us are aware of the ‘milestones’ which form our Western world-view. One of these is the works of Rene Descartes (1596–1650).We can probably quote one of his central tenets – ‘I think, therefore I [...]

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Paul Cartwright travelled to Belgium with the West Yorkshire Police Band to participate in the Act of Remembrance at the Menim Gate in Ypres They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary [...]

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So it is Justin Welby!

George Austin on the announcement of the new Archbishop of Canterbury When I wrote about the background to the speculation about Justin Welby’s likelihood of becoming Archbishop of Canterbury (New Directions October 2012), I pondered the lack of confidentiality in [...]

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The established order

An ordinand on the reactions of British media and politicians to the failure of the women bishops legislation The furore over the failure of the draft measure to secure the two-thirds majority it needed in the House of Laity has [...]

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In vino (et cervisia) veritas

Gaudete,’ cried ‘old Huw’, retired Latin master and regular customer for books, when I chanced upon him in Whitstable’s Wetherspoons. ‘Yes Huw, Swansea City’s doing well this season.’ ‘That too, but mostly the fact that the Pope’s set up a [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle on the distinctly Catholic and liturgical content of The English Hymnal Where there is congregational singing it is important that familiar melodies should be employed, or at least those which have stood the test of time: therefore the [...]

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Order! Order!

Brian Regan writes to the Second Church Estates Commissioner, Sir Tony Baldry MP I have read your article in the news and in Parliament relating to the vote on Tuesday. I would like to respectfully correct some misinformation about the [...]

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A way forward? Peter Westfield on the outrage that greeted the decision reached by the House of Laity Perhaps I was naïve. I knew that there would be a backlash against a ‘no’ vote in General Synod, but I had [...]

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