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As Anne Gray’s overview of The Society, printed elsewhere in this edition, shows, the catholic movement continues to serve in the most deprived parts of our nation. This puts into sharp focus the many challenges that face our constituency as [...]

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Softly, Softly Catchee Monkee

Peter Mullen considers the church’s position on homosexual marriage The county of Herefordshire is one of the most beautiful rural areas of England and its people, being country folk, are conservative in the broad sense of that word. It’s surprising then [...]

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Pub Theology

Nicholas Leggett explains why theology is best discussed over a pint ‘Pub Theology’ was born out of two ideas: one was my thinking about setting up a social group based around the pub which was mainly aimed at men who [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Trust In confessions penitents can sometimes admit to ‘not trusting God!’ Not ‘trusting God’ may be a sin in the sense of rebellion against God’s will or it may not: careful spiritual discernment is needed to come to a clear [...]

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Letter to the Editor

From Mr Thomas Rookes   Sir, In regard to Dr Ryan Danker’s article on The Reformation [New Directions November 2017] it seems to me that there is a strong difference between what happened with the reforms instituted by Martin Luther [...]

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The Work of the Church

Rodney Marshall reminds us how a ‘ministry of presence’ is central to Anglo-Catholicism I don’t think that anyone who knows me would describe me as diffident. I’m not usually backward in coming forward, have something to say on most things [...]

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A Concern for the Poor

Ian McCormack discusses Tractarian perspectives on our social duties ‘We maintain that the Church of England, whether or not she be in fact the Church of the poor, does not openly and unequivocally proclaim herself as such.’ This is a [...]

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