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Colin Niblett

Stephen Parkinson remembers a colleague and friend   In order to amuse myself during lockdown, I’ve been posting a photograph on Facebook each morning.  A subject matter would last for a week, and then a new topic would appear:  pubs, [...]

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Christmas Diary

Thurifer amuses himself during Lockdown   A tip of the Oxford cap (mortarboard) to Dr Serenhedd James for pointing me to a recording from 1950 of the 400th Anniversary of the Foundation of Sherborne School. The voices, enunciation, crisp articulation, [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Seeking Gifts   Andy Hawes    When our children were little the family made an annual pilgrimage to the Sisters of the Precious Blood to visit their Crib. After suitable refreshments the sisters invited grown ups and children to pick [...]

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A sign of grace

William Allen considers the witness of the spiritually disorganised in Fitzgerald’s Benediction   We are often too used to apologising and catechising to remember the adage that books cannot be judged by their covers—and neither can authors. As such, we [...]

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Let them eat cake?

Peter Dutton writes in defence of Marie-Antoinette   I normally avoid American politics, especially during Presidential elections. Their conservatives never seem especially conservative, and their liberals anything but liberal. Everything seems upside down, as is best summed up by the [...]

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From the Director

We did of course miss not being able to gather for our National Assembly this year as a result of the restrictions placed on us by the pandemic. I am delighted, however, that we managed to issue just over an [...]

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The life of the Church

The Bishop of Fulham offers a devotion at this difficult time   Normally at this time of year we would be gathering for the National Assembly of Forward in Faith. We would be celebrating the Mass together and then having [...]

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