/February 2006 Articles

The inner struggle

Simon Bates suggests that Muslims, in following Christian historians, have misunderstood the character of the crusases Moderate Muslims are fond of arguing that their extremist brethren have misunderstood jihad. ‘I think they are confusing jihad (inner struggle) with qital (war/fighting),’ [...]

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Teachers today attach great importance to values. Previous generations talked about virtues. But virtues and values are not identical. When asked to list their values in order of importance, people will instance either collectives, like ‘my friends’, ‘my family’ or [...]

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Prophet’s sad death

The controversy surrounding the 1987 Crockford's Preface diverted attention from the true focus of its content: the Church of England's abandonment of tradition. George Austin continues his personal account of those events The suicide of Canon Gareth Bennett when he [...]

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Wonder woman?

John Richardson asks whether the supposedly scriptural case for women's ordination has really persuaded evangelicals, for whatever they might say the statistical evidence does not suggest this to be so Tucked away within the pages of a recent offering from [...]

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Constrained to speak

The Rt Revd Lindsay Urwin acknowledges his avoidance of controversy but feels compelled to share his unease over the proposals of the Guildford Report and urges his fellow bishop to act like bishops I do not feel comfortable writing an [...]

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Listening to friends

John Macquarrie, Lady Margaret Professor -Emeritus of Divinity, gives his response to the Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops' response to the Rochester Report just before it is to be debated in General Synod this month This Roman Catholic response deserves [...]

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The question of adequate provision for episcopal oversight for Anglo-Catholic members of the Church of England’ wrote a senior spokesperson for Lambeth Palace recently, ‘does of course remain a fundamental challenge. Several models are being talked about, including the Third [...]

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