/February 2009 Articles

A small sacrifice

Sarah Mowbray draws on her personal experience to explore the nature of the sacrifices made by the families and other supporters of those with a vocation to the priesthood Vocation is something so wonderful to watch, to see how it [...]

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Being a blogging nerd

Ed Tomlinson encourages us to explore the world of blogs which are not just informative but which can also help to strengthen the links between traditionalist parishes The confessional is calling. I can no longer deny that it is true! [...]

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Democratic danger

James Wells finds much that is helpful in Pope Benedict's views on democratic synods in the context of the General Synod and its role and power within the Church of England In Our Times, his recently published history of the [...]

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SClear rebuke

A gloriously straightforward episcopal letter from the other side of the Atlantic On Friday, Jan. 23, 2009, the RtRevd William C. Wantland, Assisting Bishop of Diocese of Fort Worth, received the following letter, dated January 15, from the Most Revd [...]

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Whom to appease?

There are three distinct groups who oppose the innovation of women bishops. Anthony Saville wonders which group the draft Code of Practice is intended to satisfy General Synod, with or without the guidance of the House of Bishops, will make [...]

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Nothing yet stirring

Synod has not yet finalized the shape of legislation for women bishops and provision for those who object to it, and this will still be the case even after the February 2009 Synod, as Paul Benfield explains I was speaking [...]

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Burdened with the impossible task of .drafting a Code of Practice to enable the introduction of women bishops, the Manchester Group published its second collection of material at the end of December. It has offered General Synod and the rest [...]

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