/February 2014 Articles

Blaise away?

For years I’ve thought that my birthday being Saint Blaise’s day (3 February) was appropriate. As you’ll know, he is the patron saint invoked to cure sore throats. I’ve spent a lifetime roaring on Wimbledon FC. Would that FiF’s leadership [...]

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Running scared?

Denis Desert on the safeguarding policies intended to prevent the abuse of the vulnerable A year or so ago I was discussing the subject of the abuse of the vulnerable with a bishop. He commented, ‘The problem is that the [...]

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A newer rite

Robert Desics explains that widespread ignorance of the truths of Christianity is a problem that cannot be addressed by missing out the difficult concepts The aim is noble, namely, to express Christian truth and doctrine in the language of the [...]

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Baptism lite Pete Broadbent on the shortcomings of the alternative rite of baptism currently being tested in the CofE If ever you were looking for a story to illustrate the problems caused to the Church of England by the Law [...]

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