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VEST FOR THE BEST No self respecting Anglo-catholic priest would be without his umbrellino or sanctuary slippers of course. But now there is a chance to be even more sartorially complete. Sable, the clerical mail-order firm of County Tipperary, is [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

The Eucharist and Sacrifice William Laud who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1633 until his execution in 1645 asserted the doctrine of Eucharistic sacrifice, maintaining that we offer three sacrifices: the first being the commemorative sacrifice of Christ’s death made [...]

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It had gone. There could be no doubt about that. Cecilia Plumridge, the Assistant Librarian, opened the Muniment Room at 8.30am. Nothing was unusual. There was no indication of a forced entry. The alarm system, which had been properly set [...]

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The Prayer of Hannah.

Patrick Reardon dwells on some biblical parallels Among the characters from Holy Scripture used as models of prayer in traditional Christian literature, few appear as often as Hannah, the mother of Samuel. Starting with Clement of Alexandria and Hippolytus of [...]

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The British Galleries

Anne Gardom visits a glorious past for free The Victoria and Albert Museum have spent over thirty million pounds on their new galleries, and the result is impressive. The galleries show the best of their very extensive holdings of British [...]

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UNTIL the reforms that came into effect on the 394th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot, there were far too many hereditary peers in the House of Lords. Their influence was absurdly disproportionate; their number had to be drastically cut; I [...]

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Received Wisdom

The ordination of women to the episcopate raises many problems, none more important than those relating to the doctrine of ‘reception’. It is said that in 1992 we entered an ‘open period of reception’ of women presbyters. The truth or [...]

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