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Thirty Days

CLOSING DOWN SALE The parish of Ashford Hill and Headley made national news recently. The local publican, ‘Georgie’, is organizing a petition to the Bishop of Winchester. The cause célèbre? Michael Wincarnis, for it is he, will not be giving [...]

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Ring any Bells?

Francis Gardom on how to reassure the confused On more than one occasion recently people who are obviously sympathetic to the Forward in Faith integrity have approached me and asked whether I could supply them with a simple but convincing [...]

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Baptism is Restoration to Paradise ‘Today you shall be with me in paradise,’ Jesus says to the thief, and where Christ is, there too is the Church. Richard Field (1561–1616), in his treatise Of the Church sees, in the thief’s [...]

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In a Naughty World

Christopher Idle on the virtues of visiting First, two documents some seventy years apart. One is from an old SPCK book lying almost forgotten in a church library: a contributor to the 1928 symposium Essays Catholic and Missionary is speaking [...]

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Pastor Energeticus

John Turner on a bishop worth remembering One Sunday, when he was on holiday, Bishop Hensley Henson heard a sermon delivered by an enthusiastic preacher, who recounted miraculous events which he claimed to have witnessed during his ministry in India. [...]

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An Anatomy of Error I

For the twelve months of 2003 we will be carrying a series of articles visiting again the arguments for and against women’s ordination. To those who have been through the struggle and borne the heat of the day, this may [...]

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First of the Ten

Patrick Reardon considers the first and greatest commandment The first commandment of the Decalogue, ‘You shall have no other gods in my stead’ (Exodus 20.3), is not the ‘first’ simply in the sense of being the earliest in the sequence. [...]

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Turner at Tate Britain

Anne Gardom visits Turner at Tate Britain In 1851 JMW Turner left a bequest of an enormous number of his works to the nation. There were hundreds of oil paintings and tens of thousands of watercolours covering the entire span [...]

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Anglican Devotion

The Flame of Prayerful Living This is the famous stone That turneth all to gold, For that which God doth touch and own Cannot for lesse be told . George Herbert Anglican Devotion is the title of a book by [...]

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