/January 2003 Articles

Inventive Anachronism

‘Shed your contemporary prejudices!’ cried the man who taught us Old English. ‘We will visit the world of the Anglo-Saxons, gentlemen, so far as we may, on their own terms.’ Of course, Professor Tolkien was right. No text can be [...]

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Without Delay Many readers will be familiar with TS Eliot’s poem The journey of the Magi and its lines ‘A cold coming we had of it… The ways deep the weather hard. The very depths of winter.’ Many readers may [...]

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Woodnotes Wild

Paul Griffin looks to the natural world for a shadow of the divine There is this strong feeling inside me, and I suppose in many other people, against the building of houses; and not only houses. Living in a small, [...]

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Martin Hislop examines the proposals to rescind the Act of Synod The Diocese of Southwark, self-appointed trail-blazer in innovation and ‘progressive’ thinking, is leading the call to repeal the Act of Synod. Encouraged by GRAS and Affirming Catholics (virtually interchangeable [...]

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A Pertinent Preposition

Geoffrey Kirk explains why a ‘Free’ Province would be very Church of England. The Archbishop of Canterbury has indicated that a third Province for those who are opposed to women in the priesthood and the episcopate ought to be one [...]

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To almost everyone’s surprise, the new Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken publicly about the possibility of a Third Province for Traditional Anglicans. To the liberal establishment who have bent their energies and appointments to the elimination of such people, the [...]

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