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What is a bishop?

None can grasp a structural solution who does not know what is a bishop The Rt Revd Dr Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, sets out a clear summary of orthodox Anglican teaching After the rejection of Bishop Rowell’s [...]

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Forward in HOPE

As Anglo-Catholic laity we tend to get on with the job in hand, with living our faith day by day, with showing God’s love to all around us, and we leave the running of the church to our representatives on [...]

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Forward in Hope

Central Hall, Westminster, on Saturday 28 January 2006 We are at a critical point in our fight to achieve a proper structural provision for us if the Church of England finally decides, as it probably will, to consecrate women in [...]

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The question of adequate provision for episcopal oversight for Anglo-Catholic members of the Church of England’ wrote a senior spokesperson for Lambeth Palace recently, ‘does of course remain a fundamental challenge. Several models are being talked about, including the Third [...]

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