/January 2007 Articles

Persecuted fathers

You think times are bad? They have been worse Arthur Middleton reminds us of when it was a lot worse for orthodox members of the Church of England It was the Laudians who maintained the presence of the Church of [...]

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Necessary Truths

Stephen Cope What is truth?' asked Pilate, though personally I doubt he was jesting. Jesus replied that he had come to bear witness to truth; earlier, he had promised the Holy Spirit to his disciples, who would lead them into [...]

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Genesis of error

Geoffrey Kirk responds to the Bishop of Bolton’s December article but questions his interpretation of certain key texts in Genesis and the manner in which Our Lord himself understood them Readers of New Directions will be grateful to David Gillett [...]

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Two-church priests

Bishop Edwin Barnes offers a modest proposal for a new ecumenical form of priest which might help to solve the Church of England's current indecision In his address to the House of Bishops last summer Cardinal Kasper was telling the [...]

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