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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk looks at the difficulties faced by US opponents to women's ordination, and assesses the options now available to the orthodox Has Forward in Faith North America gone soft on women's ordination? There is certainly some evidence to that [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on ecumenical priorities in Anglican divines The Ecumenical Movement and the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity are phenomena of the twentieth century, but a concern for the unity of the universal Church in East and West is [...]

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Sacred vision

Millais: Christ in the House of His Parents Although at first an apparently mundane domestic scene, this painting, on display as part of the Millais exhibition at Tate Britain until 13 January, is rich in Christian symbolism. The child Jesus [...]

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Two wise women

Through his mother and grandmother, Timothy's faith was grounded in a living tradition Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Before he ever met the Apostle Paul, the life of young Timothy . [...]

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Prayer of the heart Fr Gregory cswg We all know we have a physical heart, and how important it is that this heart should be working properly; but not everyone, even among people who pray, knows that we have a [...]

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Christian unity Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House This month sees the week of prayer for Christian unity. This is marked by both local and national gatherings for prayer and shared liturgical worship. This corporate expression of [...]

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The hesitant martyr

Margaret Laird reflects on the death of King Charles I and wonders about the value of keeping his 'saint'day The inclusion of 30 January in the ASB and Common Worship is surely evidence that greater recognition is now being given [...]

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The calendar considered

Hugh Baker welcomes the interest in the church calendar coming as it did from a most unexpected source Every year, our Leadership Team plans the years Cell material. Those of you acquainted with Cell church will understand that this determines [...]

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VII The ambassador argument

Geoffrey Kirk considers the assertion that all the baptized (including women) act in persona Christi The manner in which Christ is represented in the Church has been a point of contention throughout the debate about women's ordination. When Archbishop George [...]

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The big science lie

The relationship between science and religion is one of the biggest issues Peter Mullen seeks to correct some of the widespread misconceptions The relationship between science and religion is a subject made treacherous by opponents of the Christian faith, who [...]

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