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Fr Ivan writes

A classic example Students and lovers of classical symphonies will know that composers like Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert built up their works on a simple theme of a few notes and then developed it in four movements. Who can forget [...]


Readers of New DiRecTions with access to the internet may find the following websites of interest. For those interested in the workings of General Synod and particularly those of our number who serve in the Synod look no further than [...]

30 days

Two hundred issues of New Directions means something like one thousand 30Days snippets – here are just a few of our favourites: March 1998 Rawhide Students of a Jerusalem theological college were outraged when they came across photos of their [...]

touching place

All Saints, Brixworth, Northants The Bishop of Richborough consecrate a new Altar for the Lady Chapel in Saint Aidan’s Church, New Parks, Leicester You spot the 14th c. spire from afar and expect this to be another typical medieval church; [...]


Looking forward Tom Sutcliffe’s heart sinks as he looks ahead at what is in store for British opera-goers throughout the rest of the season You’re not always right, you know!’ Anthony Whitworth-Jones, who runs Garsington Opera and found it its [...]

Book of the month

Crispin Harrison CR welcomes the Archbishop of Canterbury’s recommendation for Lenten reading LOVE UNKNOWN The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2012 Ruth Burrows OCD Continuum, 159pp, pbk 978 1441103727, £9.99 What kind of book should a Lent Book be? What [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on the conclusions of some recent research into the impact of female clergy in Finland By their fruits shall ye know them’. Precisely: much store was set by the proponents of the ordination of women to the priesthood [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Hospitality Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Hospitality is a gift of the Holy Spirit and as such is used by the Lord to build up the Body of Christ and extend his Kingdom. As the Christmas [...]


A consistent Christian life William Law he people portrayed in the Serious Call think they are Christians, but only two or three are prepared to live consistent Christian lives according to Christ’s standard. Could he stab them into knowledge of [...]

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