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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the way of our salvation In his Confessions, Augustine explains why only the Incarnation satisfies. During his spiritual journey, he was greatly attracted by the philosophy of the Platonists. There he found much that was close in [...]


Birthday Greetings for New Directions from the Archbishop of Canterbury I realise that it is practically impossible to say anything about the future of the Catholic witness within the Church of England at the moment without touching on the major [...]

How Long?

Within a stone’s throw of the cathedral of Poitiers stands the mid-4th c. Baptistère Saint-Jean (1), very likely the oldest Christian building in France. There is nowhere as old as this in England, but parts of Brixworth (Northants) are believed [...]

Brave New World

Martin Hislop muses from the South Bank A colleague from across the Thames said to me earlier this year, ‘You must be relieved with the new regime in Southwark?’ I suppose he assumed that anything was an improvement on the [...]

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