/July 1998 Articles

Psalms and Samples

The Psalms, furthermore, have given rich inspiration to poets, artists, and musicians down the ages. Last month I suggested that a return to this congregational norm was long overdue; some signs are hopeful, but the overall picture is bleak. The [...]

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St Mary Magdalene TWO YEARS AGO, on St. Mary Magdalene’s Day (22nd July), I was preaching at the Patronal Festival Evensong of a famous Lincolnshire church. The afternoon had been increasingly hot and humid and the first hymn was punctuated [...]

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Andrew Patrick considers the theology of housing policy A VIOLENT WAR OF WORDS has broken out in the UK, over Government Planning Policy. As always in war, the first casualty is truth. But Romans 13 reminds us that Governments only [...]

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Richard Holloway helps Simon Ellis to see that love is not all you need IRONICALLY, I believe, Bishop Richard Holloway has done the orthodox cause in the Bristol diocese a great service, following the two lectures he recently delivered at [...]

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Stephen Trott reviews the new Churchwardens' Measure CANON LAW can be very dull stuff, and it is not recommended as bed time reading, except perhaps for the specialist. But it is the fruit of many centuries of accumulated wisdom and [...]

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Gerry O'Brien looks closer at the statistics they wouldn't give you ANY MANAGER will tell you that you need to start with the facts. Any business plan has to start with the facts and figures of the current situation and [...]

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Letter from America

Ecclesia Contra Scripturas SINCE THE LAST LAMBETH Conference, the Episcopal Church has changed in two decisive ways. First, a Church that in 1988 allowed disagreement on women’s ordination, at least officially and in public, now requires its members to accept [...]

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Comment: July 1998

BRASH INFIDELITY is the trade-mark of some. David Jenkins and Jack Spong have between them courted the limelight for two decades. But most liberal churchmen prefer a lower profile. It is not the bold statement, but the passing gentle word [...]

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July 1998 Thirty Days

BROADCASTER AND POLLUX Recipients of the recent Westcott House Chronicle were delighted to discover that 25% of it was dedicated to a biography of Revd. Angela Tilby. "Angie", regular broadcaster and former BBC religious affairs producer, is referred to as [...]

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