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LAYING aside the tired vestiges of Marxism, the task of preachers is to interpret the world not to change it. Description, not prescription, is what we have to offer an activist world. A good definition can and should be a [...]

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Colmar and Ghent

'The artist,' read the catalogue of the avant garde exhibition, 'has sought by various means to involve the observer in the work. This is a radical new development in an art-world which has for too long been stultified by the [...]

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Golden Fisherman

Andy Hawes walks ‘La Voie Lactée’ The bones of St James lie dressed in a casket of gold in the cathedral church of Santiago de Compostella. In this, the month of his feast day, the activities of pilgrimage and tourism [...]

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Arthur Lewis describes a remarkable community of faith and fellowship That you will grow old is certain, barring a disaster. Whether you will enjoy your later years is another matter. It depends on what you intend to do with your [...]

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What language shall we borrow?

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on 'inclusive language' and Liturgicam Authenticam A consensus seems to have emerged about the vexed question of 'inclusive' language in the liturgy. Anglicans, for example, in their new book Common Worship, are to be 'inclusive' about people, [...]

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Resurrection is Transforming Life Serendipity conspired with crime a number of years ago to provide me with the perfect visual aid when I went to preach at a church for Sea Sunday. Thieves on the roof and a heavy downpour [...]

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OH! Susannah

Patrick Reardon ponders a story which resonates in centuries of Christian art. When Luther determined to limit the books of the Old Testament to those in the classical rabbinical canon, one of the casualties of his decision was the fast-moving [...]

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Idle Curiosity

Vote Book Because this column has signed up to the global anti-boredom directive, it will not be discussing our Easter holidays in any detail. You may simply visualize us at four different village churches (which would be six if I [...]

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