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It has happened before and it can happen again Spin it how you like, there is little doubt that Anglican Communion is falling apart. Talk things up as best you can, you cannot avoid the truth that parishes in this [...]

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Eucharistic disunity Some parts of the secular press had a field day on Maundy Thursday, parading before any who cared to read about it the deep wound at the heart of the Church – division in the very centre of [...]

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Liturgical Experiments

Another perspective on Cranmer’s second Holy Communion War and civil unrest apart, was there ever so uncertain a summer as that of 450 years ago, as the weak health of the young King Edward VI became weaker still? One thing [...]

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Seeing and Believing

Anne Gardom experiences the Audio-tour The Life of Christ at the National Gallery There are seventeen pictures in this audio-tour at the National Gallery. The commentary that accompanies them is clear and straightforward, giving first a quick outline of the [...]

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An Anatomy of Error VII

Eucharist, Bishop, Church At the heart of the Tradition stands the figure of the bishop. His role, from the time of Ignatius of Antioch (the immediate sub-apostolic period), has defined the parameters of the Catholic Church. The bishop, says Ignatius, [...]

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Good Vibrations

Patrick Henry Reardon offers three maxims for the soul It never fails to jar my soul when Christians want to feel that they are ‘making progress in the spiritual life’. Personal impressions of progress are undiluted nonsense; our feelings have [...]

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A Pope’s last testimony?

How might we understand the Pope’s recent encyclical? John Paul’s Maundy Thursday letter. Is it his farewell to the Universal Church over which he has presided with such distinction for a quarter of a century? The swansong of the man [...]

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Anglican Devotion

William Law, Scholar, Mystic, Non-Juror and Wit Biography Was it that he measured things so differently from the rest of them, so that you never quite knew what his reaction would be if you came to him with a piece [...]

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