/July 2003 Articles

Ce ne vaut pas la peine?

‘Paris’, said Henri de Navarre famously, ‘is worth a Mass.’ And one can see clearly what he meant. In a very modern (or as the historians now have it early-modern) way he was subordinating the theological to the political for [...]

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Renewal of the Mind Be renewed ‘Have this mind among yourselves … Put on the mind of Christ … Be renewed in the spirit of your minds.’ St Paul frequently exhorts us, the recipients of his letters, to submit our [...]

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Justice and Unity

Margaret Laird does not welcome women bishops The assumption that the consecration of women bishops will be inevitable appears to be based, not only on the fact that this has already happened in the Anglican Communion, but also on the [...]

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In a Country Churchyard

The pains and rewards of looking after the dead Last week I buried John Saxby’s ashes – not Saxbee, my Diocesan, but John who was born at Scottlethorpe, grew up to manhood before the last war, courted the village school [...]

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A Tale of two Baptisms For devoted readers with good memories, we first return briefly to that holiday baptism. Tony and Tina had no doubt that the vicar would christen their long-awaited twin babies. The young parents had been married [...]

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In What Clothing?

John Richardson considers the rise of episcopalianism The recent announcement that the Bishop of Oxford is to appoint as Suffragan Bishop of Reading a man chiefly known for his support for gay sexuality unarguably marks a watershed in the recent [...]

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Who do you think you are?

Robbie Low explores an identity crisis In the aftermath of the 1960s ‘Flower Power’ there was a brief obsession with wholesome diet. A tribe of disaffected middle-class children bought into the slogan, ‘You are what you eat’. Steaks were out, [...]

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May the Fathers Forgive Them

Geoffrey Kirk replies to Jim Wellington* The case which Bishop Adie put, in his short opening speech in the debate on the ordination of women in November 1992, was hardly sophisticated. He based his assertions on a particular understanding of [...]

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Gene Robinson, the recently elected bishop coadjutor of New Hampshire, was the dream candidate of the revisionist left. A gay man who ‘celebrated’ separation from his wife and children in a eucharistic rite which ‘empowered’ him to live with his [...]

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