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FiF Update

Shadow Working Party Report The Report of Forward in Faith’s Shadow Working Party on Women and the Episcopate – under the title Consecrated Women? – edited by Fr Jonathan Baker, Principal of Pusey House, Oxford, will be published under the [...]

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Media Watch

George Austin votes 'A' and 'B' Media reports of delays in printing and distributing the voting papers for the June elections were all very well but they didn’t tell half the story. One reason for the experiment was claimed to [...]

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Set apart for God

Sister Mary Angela on the challenges and joys of chastity Our society is somewhat obsessed with sex and the washing of dirty linen in public, thanks, in part, to the sensationalism of the media. The past few years have been [...]

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Book Reviews

A healing encounter with the Holy Trinity EARLY CHRISTIAN READER Edited by Steve Mason and Tom Robinson Alban Books, 780pp, hbk 1 5656 3043 2, [£29.95] All serious students of the Bible (and that must include most serious clergy) should [...]

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Letter from Australia

David Chislett on A double act... and the media Australians traveling overseas are often surprised at both the interest shown in church matters by the British and American media and their high standard of reporting and comment compared with that [...]

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Letter from America

Michael Heidt on Re-finding the Centre The English find America a very perplexing place; we arrive in the US expecting a kind of value-added United Kingdom, basically the same country, only far larger, richer and clothed with a different accent. [...]

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Synod Insider

Gerry O'Brien on why fudge cuts no ice Why The agenda for July will make interesting reading for historians. At a time when the storm clouds are gathering over the Anglican Communion we find the establishment of the Church of [...]

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30 Days

PENNY FOR THEM Those who lament the passing of the late great ‘Father Ted’ from our TV screens may find some consolation in a new Irish clerical entertainment, 'Mother Thoms'. Penelope Thoms, poet, master of divinity, spiritual director extraordinary and [...]

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From Riches to Rags

Anne Gardom in Paris and a bygone era Fifteen minutes’ walk from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris is the Musée Nissim de Camondo. It is among Paris’ later acquisitions, having been given to the City in 1936 and has [...]

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